Animated Exeter 2009

We took part in an event called animated Exeter. It all began when we went for our short stroll to the Spacex Gallery in town. There we had a good look at the ink prints of tunnels, and we had a go at it. Not with wood, of course, but with animation paper. By placing an image underneath the paper, we could trace over it. After this, we decided on a pattern: dots, dashes, lines or zigzags. I chose dashes. We then traced over our picture with our pattern, and voila! We had a piece of art!

We then made our way to the Pheonix Art Centre, where we were allowed to look at the displays that they had. Among the sketches and models, we found a few familiar faces, including Morph, Ginger from Chicken Run and the Were-rabbit from Wallace and Gromit. I was amazed to see so many of the original models displayed in such a small space.

After we’d had a nose around, we were instructed to go into the room where we would begin the activities. It was a large room, painted black, with a huge projector screen hanging up on the far wall. The first activity my group did was making a strip to go inside a zoetrope. Mine was a ball bouncing on its own. The second challenge was to make a cut-out character, and animate it. My one was call Pig Woman, an orange pig with purple lips that would transform into the Gruffalo if someone turned down a dance with her. The third and final activity was the most exciting for me. We had to create a plasticine model character from our imagination, and I made a funny film in which some pulses (peas, beans and lentils) come out of a box and attack a city. Then we had lunch, but it wasn’t over yet.

After this, we went on down to the Picture House and made ourselves comfortable. We were going to be there for quite some time as we were going to watch seven short films. The first was called Max’s Words, it was about a boy who collected words. My favourite one was called the Cable Car, because it was a bit random. An old man was sticking broken things together with his trusty roll of masking tape.

I hope I can go to this again next year.

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