Activities Week 2010


On the 29th of June 2010 some of the lower school went on a school trip on Tuesday of the last week until the summer holiday but first we bring bags that we could put on shoulders in case we for get them on the floor.

First we went on the bus with no stop and them soon we got to penny well farm and we had a lady from Penny well Farm called Liz , she let us hold animals ,we had a tractor ride and we got to feed the goats and another tractor ride then we went back.


On the 29th of June St.Wifrids Years 1 to 5 went to Pennywell Farm!

When we got there we met our guide for the day her name was Liz. First Liz told us how to be safe on a farm. Then she took us to the theater where we were to leave our bags. We went to see some of there animals and feed some to. The goats were very greedy. We hand fed some goats their milk. We had a ride what was a tractor pulling lots of little tractors. We also watch a bird show. It was a fantastic day out I liked the bird show best.


On the 29th of June 2010, the years ones to fives went to pennywell Farm. We travelled by coach and got to Pennywell in about 45 minutes.

When we arrived we were greeted by our tour guide Liz. First we were taken to the theatre where we would put our bags and have our tuck. After our tuck we went to the pet centre, inside there was about 20 different types of pets! Liz told us that we were aloud to hold some of the pets. We held mice, rats, turkey chicks, guinea pigs and rabbits.

When we had finished hugging the rabbits we went outside walked over to the willow maze. When we entered the maze we were covered by plants. At the end of the maze we got our pictures taken.


On Tuesday the 29th, the Hawks, Eagles and Year 5 went to Pennywell. We went on the coach and the journey took about 45-50 minutes. We got their and greeted by a guide called Liz. She gave us the talk to stay safe and not get lost. Then we went in to the Pennywell Theater were we put our bags and had our tuck.

After that we started towards the pet centre we sat down on some benches and Liz went and got some animals for us to hold. There was a rat,2 mice;2 guinea pigs, a rabbit and turkey chicks. There had to be over 20 pets in there or more? We started walking over to the willow maze amaze which is over grown with willow. It did not take long because you could tell the main path and the side tracks. Liz said that we did it so quick we could fit some fun in before lunch. We were able to go on a tractor that went very, very fast and we were in pods. We watched the falconry and after lunch feed and bottle feed goats it was excellent.

Ollie b


On Monday (the day of the trip), I could Feel the excitement growing in the air as I went to school at last I thought the day had come!

After a short train ride we were there, well, almost we still had a tide line to walk down. Half way we stopped briefly for snack and then we began again. But the excitement was not over yet! Slowly came to a Halt we bit down in to sandy sandwiches and when Jack went to the toilet a sea gull pinched his lunch(poor Jack). After that we went rock pooling for 3 hours!


On Monday 28th June St. Wilfrid’s school went to Exmouth beach.

We went on a train it was very hot on the train and very busy! When we got off we had to walk for about 30mins. We saw the beach so we ran along to get there. When we got there we saw the rock pools we wanted to go there straight away but the teachers said we had to go on an expedition to find three objects. 1 was a special stone 2 was a special shell and 3 was an item of your choice.

Then Mr. Payton held a competition you had to arrange your objects in a neat pattern. The winner for yr6 was Vaani the winner for Hawks was Jacob and the winner for the Eagles was Angus.

After that we all went to the rock pools i didn’t have much luck all i caught were some shrimps, but we still had fun! It was lunchtime and we all opened our lunchbox and ate. It was time to go and we went back to the train station after having an ice cream each. We got back to the train station just in time the train had just arrived and we got on and went back to school.


As we arrived in Exmouth station I felt the cool salty sea air blowing against my face. We all got off the train and stretched our numb legs. We walked along the sea front, stopping in a particularly spectacular garden to have a break. We rushed to the end of the beach.

This particular area of the beach was perfect for rock pooling because the tide had gone out and the vast outstretch of slimy seaweed-covered rocks were filled with water and tiny aquatic creatures. We all took off our shoes and put down our heavy bags. We ran across the sharp stones and slippery rocks and we reached a large pool, teeming with underwater life. Dipping our nets in the water and discovering the jolly creatures was a fascinating experience.

We put our discoveries in tubs of water to show everybody. I had found a rather large fish, but it was too fast for me and it got away from my net, the little rascal!

Altogether it was a very fun and exciting experience for us (and probably the fish, too!)

Ollie J


On Tuesday 29 th June the year 6 pupils of St.Wilfrid’s school had a very interesting and exiting trip to the city of London.

We all met at St. David’s station. We had to catch a train and have a very long journey. We came out at Paddington station which was huge.

It even had its own market, wow. We had to catch a few under ground trains. The first place we visited was St. Paul’s Cathedral which was exquisite it was much bigger than the one in Exeter. I can not say how many photos I took of it. We had a walk along the wobbly London Bridge.

We stopped to dig in to our lunch out side the Tate Modern art gallery on some very nice grass under some trees. We had a look around the arty gallery which had some very interesting and unusual paintings and sculptures.

After our look around we went to see the London eye which was massive and amazing. We found out a scary fact that it was leaning one way slightly. There was one building in which if you looked at it is coming towards you. At the end of the day I had a yummy meal of noodles.


On Tuesday the 29th June Year 6 went on a school trip to London. We got on a train from Exeter St David’s and went to London Paddington (which Lawrence thought was massive) he was right though.

After that we went to a stall to get a souvenir. It was very expensive. After that we went on the tube. They are very fast you have to hold on tight. They are much faster than the big trains. We went to see some of the sights then we went to Tate Modern it was amazing for the detail.


On Tuesday 29th June St Wilfrid’s Year 6 went to London for the day. In the morning we had a train journey to Paddington Station.

Once we were at Paddington Station we went on the underground. After we got off the underground at St Paul’s Station we climbed some steps till we were outside the St Paul’s Cathedral. The Cathedral was enormous. When we finished taking photos of the Cathedral we crossed the wobbly bridge. Did you know they to rebuild it because it was too wobbly?

Next we went in to an art gallery which was amazing some of the picture were very very good we also went on the Duck Tour of London,on the River Thames, we saw on the Duck Tour: • MI5 Base • MI6 base • Buckingham Palace • Downing Street and number 10 • And lots more

Did you also know London is the city that has had the most fires.

We also had a lovely meal at Wagamamas.

Olie G

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