Activities Week 2008


I really enjoyed going to Offwell. It is a woodland with lots of bugs and trees. There were two people who came to look after us called Lucy and Dougal. Dougal and some other people had taken a GPS and designed some software so that it would tell you what to look out for in certain parts of the wood.

I enjoyed pond-dipping the most. We were split into groups and there was a tray for each group. When you put your net in the water you then took it out to see what you caught. My group caught three newts, about ten water boatmen, one bloodworm, two snails and a skeleton of a larva.

It was great fun.


I had a trip to Offwell and I walked across a field and then I walked into the woods. When we got to the lake-side classroom we were split into two groups. One team went pond – dipping and the other team went for a special walk in the woods. My team caught the most things from the pond and later we swopped and did the walk.


Today we went to Offwell, which is some woodland. We did some pond dipping, and went walking in the woods where I found pieces of bark. When we went pond dipping the team I was on got the most and you might see some snakes. I found a centipede in the woods but it jumped off the log.

The sun was very hot, and when we got to the place I thought the village was like a real English village. We had a picnic in front of the big pond. I have been to Offwell with a different school, the one I went to before this school. I thought it was great fun and educational. I would like to go again.



At Woodlands it was really fun! I liked the water slides – the best one I went on was the underground one which was really dark and scary. I also went on the orange one, which had bumps all the way through it and the best part was the speed. It went so fast! I went on them both with Oliver and you could tell he liked them because he could not stop laughing!

Another exciting thing was something called a toboggan. It went slowly uphill and then came speeding down the other side, going really fast around corners. I had to go with Mrs Rogers because I was not tall enough. I just had a great time at Woodlands!


Today we went to Woodlands. We had a great time – it is my favourite place. We left school at 9am, and arrived at Woodlands just after 10am. I was really excited because my favourite ride was the avalanche; it is the scariest ride in the park! There was one ride I did go on three times, which was the toboggan ride.

On the water rides, my friend Vaani and I got into a rubber dingy, a man pushed a button and down we went. We were in a dark tunnel running down, it was pitch black for a few seconds. Then we came out and got wet.

When we had had a go on the pedal cars we felt realty tired, but we have all agreed that we are going to go there again.



Today we went to Cricket St Thomas; it was really exciting! When we got there we saw lots of emus – loads of them – and a few camels. We went on a train through the park, which was quite good, and we got off at Lemur Station and went into the lemur enclosure. It was cool because we saw two baby lemurs play-fighting with each other. That was really funny.

When it was nearly time to go home we played mini-golf, and in 12 holes I scored an amazing 82 shots! I only had a pound to spend in the shop so I bought some Polo’s. I was really tired after that, but it was great there and I would love to go again.


I really enjoyed this trip because there were loads of animals there that I had never seen and I got to see them up really close. I really like the lemurs, and I saw some meer cats. I also played crazy golf, which was really fun (and crazy!). When we left I got a shark-tooth necklace and a crystal key ring of a very cool and very scary lion!


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