Little Bull Farm

Over the last few terms for Science and Natural Science the Hawks and the Kestrels have been studying different animals. We have covered a range of topics including diets, teeth, adaptation and life cycles.

We were fortunate enough to have Helen come in from Little Bull Farm to show the children 1st hand how animals have adapted to survive and also how you can tell an animal’s diet from their teeth.

Helen had a large selection of animals ranging from the familiar rabbits, grass hoppers, tortoises and chicks, to the more unusual bearded dragon and millipede. There were also animal skulls so the children could clearly see the different types of teeth and how they were suited to their different diets.

Adults and children all had a fantastic afternoon and learnt a lot and we look forward to hopefully having Little Bull Farm back again in the future!


David’s (Hawks) report on Little Bull Farm

Little bull farm

A lady called Helen came in to school and the special thing was that animals came in too!


She brought in 3 rabbits, 2 black and 1 grey one. My favourite rabbit was called Clifford. I liked him a lot because he was extremely cuddly.

Bearded dragon

The reason why this lizard is called the bearded lizard is because it looks like it has a beard. It’s called a dragon because it looks like one. This is my favourite creature.


The tortoises were two years old. They were my second favourite animals. A tortoise feels like a rock so you have to look at their shell carefully.


This is the only animal I didn’t hold I just touched it. A millipede is called a millipede because it looks like it has a million legs but it has about four hundred legs.


The chicks that I saw were the youngest chicks I have seen in my life. They were only two days old. They were fluffy and noisy!

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