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AQA Art Moderator 2017

The kids all ended up in very large schools ad really miss their small classes at St Wilfrid's. Gregory's time at St Wilfrid's prepared him so well that he ended up being placed into Grade 9 (the equivalent of Year 10 in England) and a year above where he should have been, and has excelled.

Geoffrey and Isabel have done similarly well, again in large part because of their schooling at St Wilfrid's. We can't thank you enough.

Katherine & James Chartrand-Cuff

I would like to thank the following teachers for all that they have done for me, in little and big ways: Mr Bovingdon, Mr England, Mr Chick, Ms Newcombe, Ms Shields and Dr Carlin.

Special mention for Mrs Dent (for everything and driving me to hospital).

Laurence Stamp

I have watched Henry grow and mature into a more happy, confident young and and I know that being in the right school made all the difference!

I hope St Wilfrid's keeps getting acknowledged as a school which 'see's' a child's potential and brings out the best in them.

Lucy Price

We can't thank the staff, students and parents of St Wilfrid’s enough for their support and kindness in welcoming us into the St Wilfrid's community for our brief visit to England this fall. Our kids have made great friends who they will miss, as well as their teachers and the school itself. Geoffrey says he especially loved cooking class. Gregory liked the size of the school and his teachers. His first go at (field) hockey and rugby were also great fun. Isabel so much enjoyed acting in the holiday play.

Happy holidays to all,

James Chartrand, Katherine Cuff, Gregory, Geoffrey and Isabel

James Chartrand & Katherine Cuff

Dear Mrs Macdonald-Dent,

A belated but heartfelt thank you to you, your staff for all the support you gave to us all when Thomas came for his trial day at St Wilfrid's.

Phil & Joan Markham

The lesson to be learnt is that what you have at St Wilfrid's is a remarkable team! We have been very impressed by what we have seen at St Wilfird's and may be relied upon to recommend the school highly to whoever may be interested.

Mr & Mrs Brown

Dear All,
Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into your teaching. You all do such an amazing job and with such enthusiasm.

Jenny and Mike Sanders

A huge 'thank you' for all your work and dedication.

It was lovely to see Alex so proud of his achievements on results day. We know its down to the continuing effort and preparation of every teacher.

Alex can now move on to Exeter School confident of his own abilities.

It's the end of an era for us - 14 years in total at St wilfrid's! We couldn't have chosen any school better.

Lorna & David Hood